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You decided NOT to have kids at your wedding. Now what?

  You decided NOT to have kids at your wedding. Now what ?   Whether you have made this decision because of your wedding budget, venue capacity or just because of your personal choice, you made the right decision for you and your FiancĂ©. Now, you just need to follow some guidelines to make sure things go accordingly.  First, you need to decide if there will be any exceptions to having no kids invited to the wedding. Do you have an age cut-off? Are only kids in the wedding party allowed? Are only your kids allowed?  Maybe the kids only come for the ceremony and not the reception is one option.  Whatever makes you comfortable is the correct choice. You just need to convey that in a respectful way. You will need to explain your decision over and over. Be prepared for that.  Communication is key here. You must let your family and friends know as soon as possible and, in many ways,  if they cannot bring their kids to the wedding. You must understand that some guests will be upset about your

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